During a journey aimed at getting to know the excellence of the Varese area, the President of Lombardy Regional Council, Raffaele Cattaneo, visited Banks of Casale Litta, a company that develops products and solutions in the field of electronics using advanced technologies. The group, on the threshold of the 30th year of activity, is structured in a system network that includes the main activities, technologies, resources and organizations that contribute to the creation, transformation, distribution, marketing and supply of a finished product. Banks is a virtuous example of how it is possible to create a successful business through the ability of making quality products, even in a sector such as electronics that many consider particularly difficult.

«In an area where it is not easy to establish yourself due to the strong competition, it is possible to continue innovating thanks to the contribution of competent people. This allows non-large companies like mine to remain in the area. We illustrated to President Cattaneo, whom I thank for the visit, needs and difficulties: the hope is that the Lombardy Region will continue to pay attention and listen because doing business is essential to give a future and a perspective to the workers and to the development of this sector» said the owner of Banks, Vittorio Ballerio.

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Banks is a company that develops products and solutions in the field of electronics.


Via Galliani 46/bis
21020 Casale Litta (Va) – Italia
Phone: +39 0332 945356/7
Fax: +39 0332 945656
Email: info@banksitalia.it