Our values

Customer value

Banks is committed to being an active partner, creating a system of relationships open to tomorrow, with a view to lasting collaboration, consolidated by constant technological updates that allow us to offer the customer a product that to move with the times. Banks is committed to ensuring confidentiality, transparency and professionalism to customers.

Growing 4.0

In collaboration with LIUC University of Castellanza, Banks has started the Industry 4.0 Project. Our projects begins with the reinforcement of the Lean Factory principles -optimization of processes, elimination of waste in terms of time and costs, care of quality - in order to achieve customer satisfaction. To support this principals, digital instruments are needed: through the combination of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and a Data Analysis Software we aim to collect traceability and performance data, in order to improve our production process and reduce the possibilities of mistakes.


Banks' production activity is carried out in full compliance with the regulations in terms of safety at work (Legislative Decree 81/08). Banks adopted an Access Control System which includes not only the registration of visitors, but also a security system which guarantees the access to the SMT area exclusively to authorized personnel provided with ESD protection devices.

Training & Professional Growth

Employees training and active involvement in the company's growth project are a strength point for Banks: due to this reason, inside the company, classrooms have been set up where staff can follow refresher courses at the workplace. Banks believes above all in the training of the younger ones who, supported by expert colleagues, have the opportunity to grow professionally enriching the company with new energy and innovative ideas. An active part of this training lies in the collaboration with the local universities.

Workplace Health Promotion

Banks participates in the WHP - Workplace Health Promotion program, promoted by ATS Insubria and Confindustria, with the aim of encouraging well-being and health initiatives within the workplace.

Banks - Sport Supporter

Banks as always been a supporter of local sport events and associations: Pallacanestro Varese Club, Alfredo Binda’s Cycling Association and the the annual itinerant golf tournament Piccaia Golf Cup.


Banks is a company that develops products and solutions in the field of electronics.


Via Galliani 46/bis
21020 Casale Litta (Va) – Italia
Phone: +39 0332 945356/7
Fax: +39 0332 945656
Email: info@banksitalia.it